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Magnetico®-Plug, ready-to-use magnetic lamp holder

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Magnetico®-Plug is a magnetic lamp holder with E27 socket that can adhere to any metal smooth surface, no matter if vertical or horizontal! You can move and adjust it according to your needs, turning it into a table or wall lamp in a few seconds!

It is ready-to-use and includes transparent switch and bipolar plug with 3 m cable.

To use Magnetico®-Plug on a non-ferrous surface, you can either use the metal washer (included in the kit) or two special accessories: Magnetico®-Shelf and Magnetico®-Base (not included).

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Ready-to-use magnetic lamp holder
Cable type: H03VV 300/300V 2x0,75
Cable length: 3 m (2,5 m from plug to switch + 0,5 cm from switch to lamp)
Lamp holder length: 15,6 cm
Lamp holder diameter: 2,5 cm
Lamp holder socket: E27
Plug type: 2 poles 2,5 A
Switch type: Double pole in line
Plug and switch colour: transparent

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