2XL electrical cord, electrical cable 3x0,75. Natural linen, cotton fabric and jute covering Country. Diameter 24mm.


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The electrical cable becomes a rope.
Country: double covered electrical cables covered with a soft flocked natural linen, raw cotton and jute fabric with an overall diameter of 16 mm.
You can use the Country 2XL electrical cord to match our new natural wood roses and lamp holders in order to create suspension lamps with great effect.
100% Made in Italy.
The cable is sold by the meter, multiple orders will be delivered in one piece up to a maximum of 20 meters of length.

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Technical specifications:
FRRTX 300/300V 3x0,75
Visible Spiral Flexible Cable with DOUBLE ISOLATION (transparent supplementary sheath), under textile braid.
CEI 20-20 CEI 20-35 RoHS
Diameter 24 mm

Data sheet
UtilisationCâble de grande section
TissuLin, Coton, Jute
Couleur principaleGris, Blanc, Marron
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